Find All You Need to Know About Wonderful Ski Experience on Propeak

Propeak is a website specially designed for you who are looking for all information about finding great experience of skiing. It provides all you need to know about where to learn skiing skills, what places you need to go, and what tour to join so you can experience wonderful experience of skiing.

What Propeak Offers to You

As a website specially addressed for those who are looking for information about ski, this website comes with many great offerings. Start form the school where you can learn the skills of ski up to what place you should visit, Propeak has it all for you.

1.     Niseko Private Ski Lessons

Comes with integrated and comprehensive programs of ski lesson, this school provides professional and experienced trainers and coaches to teach their students. They are all dedicated ski coach and are wealth of local knowledge to enrich your experiences. You will be under the guidance of the right persons.

2.     Otaru Day Tour

It is a special tour for you to experience not only wonderful skiing but also cultural aspects of the famous ski resort of Otaru. It is a recommended ski resort where you can enjoy whiskey time at the first stop of Yoichi. You can also enjoy wonderful scenery of mountains and fields along the way to Yoichi. You will be taken to Otaru then to enjoy rare blue seas, canals, and the famous Fish Market of Hokkaido.

3.     Niseko Backcountry Tour

It is a nice tour you shouldn’t miss out. It is a place where all you can see is just snow. You can drive to the mountain there which seems never stops snowing. It is really a great place to have fun. Enjoy wonderful experience of skinning you would never forget there. No matter how much time you spend to explore the place, it will never be enough.